So what is it?

Your immune system is what keeps you free from disease! Inside your body there are organisms called 'leukocytes' (LOO-kuh-sytes) or White Blood Cells (which is a lot easier to remember).

These White Blood Cells are what FIGHT the harmful Microbes (GERMS!) in your body.

These germ fighting cells are all over your body in things called 'Lymph Nodes'.

The 'Lymph Nodes' are like filters that use the White Blood Cells to remove the germs from your body.

There are lots of different types of White Blood Cells to fight different the types of microbes that get into your body.

And that's were you come in!

Play the Game!

Your Objective:

Some harmful Microbes have made it into the blood stream!

It's your job to eliminate them!

Use A & D or & to move the White Blood Cell

  • Catch the Microbes that are the same colour as your White Blood Cell
  • You will be awarded point for every correct microbe you catch
  • If you catch the wrong microbe you will lose health
  • If you MISS a matching microbe you will lose health